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Smart Annotation is a new tool from smart apprentices that lets you mark up your digital evidence, including videos, with feedback and comments. Providing constructive feedback to apprentices on their evidence of work is crucial to a learner centric delivery model facilitating reflective continuous improvements.
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Key Features

Smart Annotation can be used as a stand alone tool or can be integrated seamlessly with Smart Assessor. This means that you only need to log in once and can easily digitally mark evidence, creating a smoother learning journey for both you and the apprentice.

Choice of File Type

Learners can upload various file types of work to Smart Annotation to be reviewed, including:-

PDF | Microsoft | Image | Video

Create Feedback

Feedback and comments are directly tagged to the relevant part of the file you are reviewing, you don’t need to search for them afterwards.

You can continue to make as many comments throughout the work, also inviting others to add their feedback too.

Each comment is tracked to the relevant author.

Feedback on Videos

Digitally mark and feedback learner’s videos by pausing at any time and adding a comment, voice note or shape.

The learner can then click the mark to see changes left by a reviewer on the timeline underneath.

Use Your Voice

Struggling to explain something in text? Use the dynamic voice note option to record the feedback directly onto the evidence.

Recording your voice makes it quicker and clearer to explain your feedback and avoids lengthy comment boxes.

Get Drawing with the Shape Tool

Adding feedback to an image has never been easier, with the ability to draw shapes over a learner’s uploaded file.

A great way of editing images, draw a shape over the image to highlight the part requiring feedback and allow learners to easily identify areas for improvement.

Highlight Feedback

Once the feedback is entered onto the evidence, a note appears in the highlighted box to the side, to help learners see clearly what has been reviewed.

Learners can click each note to view/listen to the comments and alter their work to improve their work.

If multiple reviewers have given feedback, learners can click to view all, view only one Assessors feedback, or review the notes in date given order.

Smart Annotation

Start Annotating Today!

Smart Annotation can be used from our existing technology platforms, including the Smart Assessor evidence library, to digitally feedback on any work quickly and professionally.

Smart Annotation & Smart Assessor

Smart Annotation is available free of charge to our users. We have seamlessly integrated it into the evidence library within our flagship e-portfolio technology platform Smart Assessor.

Simply open up the work submitted by your learner and Smart Annotation will be available for you to use for your feedback, transforming the feedback experience for both reviewers and learners.

Log into Smart Assessor, review a video from the evidence library, leave your annotated feedback either in text or audio format for your learner.

Smart Annotation

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If you are using our Smart EPA technology platform and think our Smart Annotation feature will be useful for your end point assessors to use within SEPA, then get in touch.

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